Bridget From Trolls Tutorial: Modelling with Fondant

I remember the first time I saw Trolls. I took my little sister to the cinema. I can still remember how fascinated she looked while watching a screen so full of bright colours. Trolls 2: World Tour will be released in a few days, so I took the opportunity to make this tutorial about how to create a Bridget cake topper, a character from the first movie. 

As it turns out, I’m becoming a fan of fondant figurines, so today I’m sharing with you this tutorial on how to make a Bridget fondant figurine.

Material list for modelling a Bridget figurine with fondant

Step by step

1. First of all, make a sketch of the character. I traced it directly on my computer screen.

2. Cut both dummy balls in two halves and glue them with hot silicone. Make sure the shape is correct.

3. In order to fit the face of the character to the body, you need to cut the front, that way it’ll be more straight. Then, sand it with a fine-grade sandpaper.

4. The first thing you need to do is the face. Paint a bit of modelling paste with ProGel Black and make an oval following the size of the face on your sketch.

5. Press with a rounded Dresden tool (I normally use Sugar Shapers by Innovative Sugarworks when I’m working with sugar) in order to sink the eye line.

6. Press with a rounded Dresden tool in order to make the eyeballs. Keep your sketch always in mind and keep the proportions of your character.

7. For the nose, press upwards with your finger. This way, you’ll generate a little ball of modelling paste. Then, press the laterals and sharpen them.

8. For the mouth, use a slightly rounded Dresden tool. First, mark the size and then press in order to sink it. You’ll need some space to glue the teeth.

9. Repeat the same process for the chin. Check Bridget’s chin first, as it’s placed between the mouth and the end of the face.

10. Make the nostrils with a fine-pointed Dresden tool. You can take the opportunity to finish shaping the nose, if you want.

11. For the eyes, paint a bit of modelling paste with ProGel Lime Green. Make two small balls and insert them in the eyeballs, previously brushed with some edible glue. Next, press with a ball tool in order to flatten them.

12. Paint a bit of modelling paste with ProGel Pink and make two smaller balls. Put a bit of edible glue with a number 0 brush and press again with a ball tool in order to integrate it in the eye.

13. With a Black Food Art Pen, paint the eye pupil. In order to finish with the eyes, use a bit of black modelling paste to make the eyelashes. Glue a small, pointed strip of paste on the upper half of the eye and glue 3 eyelashes on the side. Repeat the process on the other eye.

14. In order to finish with the face, use a bit of black modelling paste to make the eyebrows. Brush some edible glue above the eyes and put the double eyebrow on it. For the teeth, use some white modelling paste. Cut some rectangular pieces with an X-acto knife. Then, put some edible glue and place the pieces on the mouth one by one.

15. For the body, take the two half spheres of porexpan that you prepared before. Level out the difference putting a bit of fondant of any colour.

16. First, cover the whole porexpan with pink fondant. Next, make a 3.5cm wide strip of fondant and glue it to the porexpan in order to make the skirt. Make some pinches on the skirt for it to gain some movement. You can poke a skewer in order to help you with the manipulation of the piece.

17. For the apron, paint a bit of fondant with ProGel Cream. Cut a small rectangle and break the lower part with a Dresden tool. Add some texture with a pasta cutter. Glue it to the body. Next, glue a strip of the same fondant to the skirt.

18. Poke the head using the skewer you poked before. Fill the gap with a bit of pink fondant in order to shape the head.

19. For the ears, make two small balls of grey modelling paste. Press one of the sides so that the ball turns into a teardrop. Finally, press the centre in order to flatten it. Pinch the lower end and glue them to the head, at the level of the nose.

20. Cover the back of the head with a small pink piece of fondant. Add some texture with a silicone, rounded tip Dresden tool. Next, add two lateral pieces, also texturized, and with a lateral cut in order to fit the ear in.

21. For the pigtails, poke two tiny pieces of wire (gauge 26). Then, make two soft pink fondant teardrops and texturize them. Poke them in the wires. For the rubber bands, cut two fine strips of dark pink fondant.

22. For the arms, use some grey modelling paste. Make a strip of 1cm diameter. Leave a 1cm margin and continue to form a finer strip. This way, one of the edges will be thicker than the other. Flatten it. Then, cut the fingers with an X-acto knife and paint the nails with a black edible marker. Poke a wire (gauge 26) impregnated with edible glue and fold the arm in a right angle. For the sleeve, make a thick, pink fondant teardrop and add some lace details.

23. Stick the arms to the body, poking the arm first and then, adding the sleeve. Put some edible glue on the hands to glue them to the face and to facilitate the position of the arms. Later, shade the apron with some powder brown chocolate from Rainbow Dust.

24. For the feet, use some grey modelling paste. Make two short, thick strips and press one of the side in order to flatten it. Fold it in a right angle. Add some brown fondant to make the bottom of the trousers. Poke two pieces of wire (gauge 18). Let dry.

25. Lastly, poke the feet in the figurine and put the whole fondant figure at the top of your cake.

I hope this tutorial helps you give a fun touch to your Trolls cakes! See you on my next post.



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