Make a human bust with chocolate

Françoise, le peintre

During the chocolate bust workshop for intermediate or professional students you are going to learn how to mold a human face with molding chocolate like any professional. To learn this technique there is no better character than Françoise, le peintre, because we will be in an inspiring place, an art gallery. It is an endearing bust of a French painter. You are going to create this structure with white molding chocolate and fondant decoration. In case you consider this is a difficult course for you, I offer other courses for beginners: Rebbeca, the mime doll and Squirry, the acornhunter. If you would like to ask me something about the workshops let’s talk.

With the chocolate bust workshop you will learn:

Strucutre with Rice Krispies treats

The best way to learn how to mold a bust is to do it. I am going to teach you how to create the internal structure, the Rice krispies treats (RKT) shaping and the human face chocolate molding. I will talk about human face proportions and facial features so you can apply them directly in your bust.

Realistic painting

I will explain how to paint de bust with real paint in order to create a cake with a 100% realistic structure. You will work with professional makeup so you can recreate the painter’s expression. You will make the exacte mixture of every color and you will decorate the garnments.

Fondant details

In odrer to share expressions, it is mandatory to work de fondant details and learn them. That is why you will work the size of the face muscles and you will learn to mold every step of the face making.

The chocolate bust workshop is for intermediate or professional students. Would you like to see courses for beginners? See Rebbeca, the mime doll and Squirry, the acornhunter.

Where the course is taking place

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