The most complete pastry making workshop

The Technic Lab

The Technic Lab is a complete pastry making workshop in which you will be train on more than 20 pastry techniques on three big fondant cakes, bigger than 50 cm. I have devised the complete pastry making workshop in three modules. If you are looking for a 1 or 2 days course you can discover other courses like the defying gravity cakes workshops, the modelling courses or the wedding cakes wokrshops. And if you don’t find what you need just write me, I will be very happy to hear from you!

The complete pastry making workshop is a full technique course


Part 1: First day

Make a double cake with a defying gravity structure

You will learn to build the structure for the floating elements, and modelling animation characters with plastic chocolate. You will also learn to use the airbrush and tint several color layers. I will teach you how to correctly apply icing on the cake.

Part 2: 2nd, 3rd and 4th days

You will have full knowledge in sugar flower making

In this module I will teach you how to bake sugar roses, orchids, hydrangeas, peonies. You will make pipping with icing and learn to perfectly cut, fill and cover with ganache. You will alse learn to make de fondant cover so your edges are perfectly sharp. And I am going to explain how to set the pillar system and the internal structure for celebration cakes.


Part 3: 5th and 6th days

Create a realistic bust structure of a big scale

This module explains how to model hyper-realistic busts (true to the human figure). I will teach you how bones and muscles are molded with the help of professional artistic anatomy resources. You will bake the internal structure and I will teach you the recipe for Rice krispies treats (RKT), and you will learn to shape it to get the inside figure. I will show you how plastic chocolate is worked, how the size and scale of the head and facial features are perfectes, and we will spend some time sculpting basic emotions (anger, happiness). Last but not least, I will show you how the painting over the plastic chocolate, the fondant dressing and icing.

Pastry making workshop features

You are going to work on 3 sugarcraft cakes and will apply 20 different techniques. I will teach you all the necessary steps, the required ingredients and how you can use them to extract their full potential.

Technical document

You will have a 50-page dossier with the specifications of every cake, a step by step guide on the complex workflow, and the human figure data for the sculptures and facial features. The dossier also includes recipe cards, a custom sheet, an estimate budget,a pillar structure system and the correlation of diameters and portions. You will also get a video tutorial on how to bake de sugar flowers for the second module.

Any type of fondant cakes

The course is planned on 3 modules in order to learn about antigravity cakes, sugar flowers, celebration and wedding cakes and realistic molded chocolate sculptures. I will also teach you how to create your silicon matrix and shaping template so you never have to buy them again.


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