Learn the crackled effect and use wafer paper

Discover new techniques

Surprise your audience and make your own wedding or celebration cake in crackled effect and wafer paper. You will learn how to make perfect level and smother cakes with ganache, ready to cover with fondant, making perfect borders. In case you would like a classical wedding cake, I suggest you taking a look to the wedding and celebration cake workshop.

What are you going to learn:

Learning techniques

Filling and covering with ganache
Shape edges with ganache and fondant
Cover cakes with fondant
Royal Icing textures
Internal supports
Crackled effect on with wafer paper and with fondant
Wafer paper decorations: model, paint and assemble
Metallic paint


9h. 45 minutes lunch break.

The students will work on their own cake, will receive the documentations and a certificate.


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