Defying gravity cake workshop

Frog Pool

Everyday I like antigravity cakes more and more. That’s the reason why I want to teach you how to make one, step by step. With the antigravity cakes, the audience will believe that the items are floating without being attached to anything. I will teach you all the tricks to create a funny antigravity cake. I hace prepared other defying gravity cakes workshops: the waffle cake and the spaghetti time cake.

Workshop features:

The complete antigravity technique

With this workshop you will completely learn this technique and you will be able to add a impressive and funny touch to your cakes

Full technique workshop

Every student will create their own antigravity cake. I have chosen the Spaghetti time cake because it will show perfectly the antigravity structure technique, in addition to teach other required techniques to create other antigravity cakes. I will teach you how to mold the ingredients, to work with the textures, and also to handpaint and airbrush paint the cake.

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