Wedding and celebration cake workshop

Learn to create custom cakes

I have created this workshop specially to teach you how to create a professional wedding and celebration cake. With this you will be able to work on wedding or celebration cake designing. If you would like to improve new techniques for your wedding or celebration cakes, see the crackled effect and wafer paper course.

What are you going to learn with the wedding and celebration cake workshop

Full technique workshop

The wedding and celebration cake workshop is a practical workshop in which you will create your own 5 story and 60 cm cake. You will learn to make a dummie and biscuit cake (silver floor). You will learn to create perfectly shaped smooth caked so you can cover them with fondant and give them perfect edges.

Custom cakes

I will teach you the pillar structre system, the flouncing technique, the metallic tone painting and how to use de silicon matrix. I will also teach you how to make two gourgeous rose and hydrangea bouquets that will be extremely helpful to decorate any cake, whether a fondant wedding cake or a special event one.

Profitable course

You will receive a dossier with the best recipes for wedding and celebration cakes, a model interview to ask the bride and groom, portion and shape templates and an explanation on the pillar system structure. With this information you will be able to professionally work on creating wedding and celebration cakes.

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Wedding and celebration cakes workshops

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