White chocolate modelling workshop for beginners

Rebecca, the Mime Doll

The white chocolate modelling workshop is a perfect workshop for beginners. In this workshop you will create a 35cm high figurine with internal structure. I amb going to teach you to how you can create the internal structure with Rice Krispies Treats and white modelling chocolate. Are you looking for other chocolate modelling course for beginners or professional and intermediate learners?

Content of the white chocolate modelling workshop

Learning techniques

Internal supports
How to carve RKT
Modelling in White modelling chocolate
Proportions and expressions
How to paint white chocolate with brushes
Colour compound to make edible make up (skin)
How to paint realistic eyes
Ckackled efect on fondnat
Details made with fondant


10 hours course. (45 minutes lunch break).

The students will work on their own cake. They will receive the documentations and a certificate.

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