I am a cake designer

To be a pastry chef is my passion

I am a cake designer specialized in creating artistic sculptures with the singularity that they can be eaten. Through pastry and cake making I use chocolate and fondant in order to develop my creativity and the creation of artistic sculptures. All the materials that I use are edible. My greatest passion is creating sculptures that emotion the audience with pastry elements. Ever since I was a child, my first challenges were simple cake and cupcake recipes for events and parties. I have been able to train myself as a cake designer with great professionals, such as Antonella di Maria and Verusca Walker. From them I learnt to develop creativity in the cake and pastry world.

My cake designs

I love designing cakes based on characters that hide stories and feelings. I like creative desserts that generate emotions. That is the reason why, some years ago, I decided to found Le Doux Collage, in order to experiment, develop and share my latest cakes and pastry techniques as a cake designer. 2015 and 2016 have been great years for me. In 2015 the BCN&CAKE fair in Barcelona awarded me the first prize on sliced cake, and this year I have been awarded the first prize in 3D cake, and the prize for the best cake in Expogato fair in Marseille. However, the biggest news of my professional career arrived few weeks ago: the Cake Masters Magazine declared me finalist on the Cake Masters Awards, on Novelty Cake category.

Next challenges

Creative pastry allows me to experiment, create, and more than anything else, lets me share my experiences as a pastry chef. I can say that my job, to be a cake designer, is my greatest hobby. That’s why four years ago I started to teach people interested in pastry making in Barcelona. And more than a year ago I went a step further and decided to offer my personal courses on creative pastry, available in both amateur and advanced level options, so I can share with you my methods and we are able to create original cakes together. Up to now, I have taught more than 200 pupils in different Spanish cities, and I had students that had an interest in personalized cakes, as well as professional students that want to go further into creative pastry making. This year is also going to be full of new challenges. I start my international tour, presenting the most complete course from Le Doux Collage: The TechnicLab, and I am going to visit Colombia and Belgium. I am delighted with this new experience and all the opportunities that creative pastry making provides me. I aim to keep on creating and investigating, and I would also like to share with you the next chapters of my story.

5 curiosities about my job

  • I’m not aware of it, but I always use golden or silver pastry material in my cakes.
  • When I decide to make a small cake, it always ends up weighing at least 8 Kg.
  • Before I start a creative cake, I always draw a scale design of the work I would like to make.
  • I have checked the rumour that says you should cover a cake you don’t like with a cellophane cover. It’s true, the cake looks a lot better.
  • The night before a course I am a bit nervous. However, when I see my students and the class begins the nervousness dissapears.

My favorite shops as a cake designer


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