Caducous Song of Autumn Sunset

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Caducous Song of Autumn Sunset

A secret background
I present you an XVIIIth century French opera singer. Her incredible hairstyle is created by Marie Antoniette. She designed it herself to celebrate the victory of a French boat, belle poule, against the english fleet. This singer, however, is an old woman now, and is singing the latest melodies of her life. That is why I have used colors such as burgundy and copper gold. I have also created almost nakes branches and an agrounded boat in the branches. All these elements inspire the autumn of life, and the sunset of an ending soul.


A curiosity
You might be wondering… What song is she singing? That is an aria from the opera Anacreon, by Reámur, a XVIII century French composer.



Biscuit covered by 53% black chocolate ganache (mixture of cream and chocolate), Rice krispies treats (RKT), flower cream, plastic chocolate and fondant.



Cake design data:
10 days of work
200 leaves
Heavier than 15 kg
Higher than 1 m

BCN&Cake 2015 First Prize




Higher than 1 m