Chocolate and fondant cakes

 I like working in chocolate modelling and sugarcraft, always with edible material. I enjoy designing artistic cakes that seem to be sculptures but I also enjoy designing original cakes for special events with different techniques like the gravitiy defying cakes. Whenever I create a sculpture or a 3D cake I love to evoke emotions in the audience this is why I love designing custom cakes for special events.

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These are my last chocolate and fondant cakes. I call them cakes because they are not hyper realistic cakes like the chocolate sculptures. I am a pastry chef and I always work with edible materials, but as you can see the result and the audience emotion it is not the same with a realistic cake. The chocolante and fondant cakes are made for special occasions such as the weeding cake called the crakled wedding cake. I love creating different versions of tradition cakes like weddings cakes because I can use new materials like wafer paper, crackled fondant or royal icing. Moreover, I have prepared other chocolate molding cakes for special occasions like birthday cakes or celebration cakes. The squirry cake for example, is a bithday cake painted and shading with airbrush. I also enjoy working with gravity defying cakes this is why I have designed cakes like the waffle, the spaghetti time or the frog pool cakes. The gravity defying cakes are really funny and let your imagination fly. Hope you find new ideas to make your own chocolate molding cakes with theses designs or with the realistic cakes.

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