Chocolate and fondant cakes

I like working in chocolate modelling and sugarcraft, always with edible material. I enjoy designing artistic cakes that seem to be sculptures but I also enjoy designing original cakes for special events with different techniques like the gravity defying cakes. Whenever I create a sculpture or a 3D cake I love to evoke emotions in the audience, this is why I love designing custom cakes for special events. I try to cause memories and feelings in the audience. For this reason, in my designs, I choose characters that hide a surprising story. We all hide some secrets, and my designs too. I believe creative pastry making to be a tool to let creativity run wild, sculpt works of art and mold emotions. I always use the facial expressions of my works to rouse an emotion or a reaction in the audience. I am a cake designer but, honestly, I believe my sculptures to be art. I want to go a step further and create works that become something more than beautiful fondant and chocolate cakes.

Do you need ideas to make chocolate modelling cakes?

As you can see, I like to create different versions of classical and traditional cakes. Thereby, I have the opportunity to use new materials like wafer paper, royal icing or airbrushing. I also love gravity defying cakes like the waffle cake, the spaghetti time cake or the frog pool cake. These cakes are really fun and impressive. I hope you find some ideas for your new designs among these fondant cakes. If you have any doubt or need some more information, do not hesitate to contact me. You can also visit my blog, where you will find the info about how I create my designs, as well as plenty of tutorials and some videos. I hope you find it useful.

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