Cake designing is a creative process. In order to face it, the first thing I do is thinking about the idea and what do I want to communicate with it. Then I look for an image that inspires me and I go straight to the sketch from there. But without any doubt, the execution is the most complicated part. My only advice is to persevere until getting the desired result.


The hyper-realistic modelling chocolate sculpture is my specialty, as I usually find the possibility to unleash my imagination in it. Creating characters with a life of their own is the reason I decided to take the path of creative pastry.


In this photo gallery you'll find all of my cakes, some of them decorated with fondant alone and some of them, like sculptures, made with a combination of fondant and modelling chocolate. Due to my versatility, you'll also find all of my gravity defying cakes and my last wedding and celebration cakes, as well as my carved cakes or my hyper-realistic sculptures in modelling chocolate.


I hope my work encourages you to undertake your own creative process.