Bill the capitan

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Bill the capitan

The grey story of Bill the sailor
Bill is an English ship captain, an old sea wolf that smokes to keep himself ward during the cold sea nights. Captain Bill works in Liverpool and sails the seas every day.


A curiosity
When I went to Liverpool, its connexion with the sea and sailor life heavily inspired me. I walked through the dock, full of seaweed and salt stench. I observed the ships, covered by the salty wind and grey clouds. From this journey, Bill the sailor was born.


Shaped Rice krispies treats (RKT) and molded chocolate, brush painted on skin tones. All the base decorations and robes have been made in fondant and iced with dust colorant, fixed by a steam layer.


Cake design data
2 kg of RKT and a 1,5kg molding chocolate cover.
Iron structures that allows the him to float over the base, fixed in a wooden diagonal cleat.
Heavier than 1,5 kg
55cm height


Le Doux Collage


55cm height