Françoise, le peintre

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Françoise, le peintre

The story

Paris is the foreign city I have visited more times. I can never get enough of it. I love the air you breathe in there, the atmosphere of the terraces and cafés, the cuisine and pastry, and all the delicacies, Ladurée, the Louvre and Montmatre. Françoise’s sculpture was born because I wanted to make a tribute to a city that lived the horror of intolerance. Françoise is the bohemian painter I wanted to mold because it simbolizes a bohemian painter with a merry gaze that recreates the tenderness of my travels to Paris. It also represents the whole era of artists that set a new dawn in the worldwide artistic landscape.


A curiosity

Firstly, I wanted to make a replica of Salvador Dalí. Later, as usal, the sculpture turns off in a different way.  And this is how François was borned.


Cake data

Iron and wood internal structure
Rice Krispies Treats
Modelled in white modelling chocolate
Painted with realistic edible make up
Fondant clothes and detalis


50 cm hight