Halloween cake ideas to create a spooky halloween dessert

Halloween cake

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Halloween cake

The pain of her story

This cake resumes the pain of a young girl, who was deeply in love with the wrong man. During Halloween night, Juliet’s dead body comes to life. She recovers her life and goes out of her grave to look for her fiancé. This is the story I based this cake on, a fondant and modelling chocolate cake, to remember Juliet’s tragic and bitter story. She was left at the altar on her wedding’s day, and broken, she decided to takes her life. The best story to create a Halloween cake.


A curiosity

I have used Fondant Renshaw Extra, opened very thin (and broken after) to obtain the corrupted fabrics texture. This is a very nice fondant to cover and decorate your own creations with a very thin piece.



This is a small sculpture, done with rice krispies mixed with marshmallows inside (it uses to make the internal parts of a big figurines) modelling chocolate to sculpt al the face parts and fondant to make the hair and the clothe. It has been painted with ProGel edible colours, mixed with dipping solution and hand brushed. To obtain the corrupted fabric effect, I have painted it with green and light brown. To obtain the blood, I have used red and black edible colours, mixed with vodka and piping gel.


Cake data

Two working days
simple internal support, just a big Wood double
More tan 3 kg weight
Rice krispies carved
45cm high


Le Doux Collage


45cm high