Snegh, The faun

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Snegh, The faun

The story
Faunos are mithological creatures linked with woods and animals. Fabled creatures, half man and half animal. I wanted to grab their essence, that’s why I set it with horns, the green vest and the two branches. Snegh was born on the go, letting my hands work and my imagination run. I wanted to create a creature that protects the forets from human atrocities with a deep gaze.


A curiosity
The idea of a faun sculpture was born duren the TheTechnicLab course. When I was explaining how to create a character in the sculpture, I attached a goatee to another sculpture, the pirate, and a pupil said it looked like a faun. That was when I decided that my next sculpture would be a faun


Shaped in rice krispies treats (RKT) and molded in chocolate. All the face features were molded in white chocolate, and then were painted with dust colorant and a brush.


Cake design data:
8 kg weight
50cm height
To make the branches I used a wire structure from a sugar flower. I then covered in molding chocolate.


50cm height


Le Coux Collage