Past. Present. Future. The human being

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Past. Present. Future. The human being


I was in Paris when the terrorist attacks in Bataclán took place. I remember those days still in the city were chaotic. This sculpture in moldable chocolate born of that brutal experience. “Past Present Future” aims to stage the ambition of power and intrinsic supremacy of the human being and the different civilizations. This sculptural project is the result of six months of preparation, with the realization of four previous models (first in clay and then in swollen rice) that allowed to visualize each one of the parts.


A curiosity:
To make the blood I used pipping gel mixed with vodka, and stained with ProGel Ruby dyes and darkened with a little black.


Sponge cake carved covered with 3/1 ganache from the base to the chest.
Swollen rice for the breast, the two heads and the crow.
All is covered and modeled white chocolate and painted with powder dyes and Rainbow Dust gel mixed with alcohol. The double structure is made with threaded bars of 16mm diameter and 15mm thick wood. The clothes and the details are made of fondant Renshaw Extra.


The cake in data:
Weight: more than 60kg
Height: 140cm
15kg of moldable chocolate
9kg of ganache 3/1
10kg of RKT
3 weeks of work
More than 12,700 hairs to make the skin


Cake International Birmingham 2016


Higher than 1,40 m