Chocolate ganache recipe: white, milk and dark chocolate

I will explain how to make chocolate ganache and I’m sharing with you the recipes for dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate ganache and white chocolate ganache. 

Did you know that there’s different types of chocolate ganache for covering fondant cakes? Maybe you were wondering how to make chocolate ganache and how to get a perfect result, with sharp edges and straight sides with no wrinkles. Well then, you don’t get sharp edges by magic. That’s why I’m going to explain how to make this mixture and what can you use for the filling or the covering. I’ve also written the recipes and all the steps to make dark, milk and white chocolate ganache.

Picture by Sweetness & Bite. I recommend their tutorial on how to ganache a cake

Dark chocolate ganache: perfect covering. 55% of cocoa

I always use dark chocolate ganache on all of my cakes before covering them with fondant. The result is consistent enough and it hardens easily. You’ll need a 3/1 proportion (that’s the triple amount of chocolate than cream).

Ingredients for the 55% cocoa ganache

  • 300gr of chopped chocolate
  • 100gr of liquid cream (35% fat)

How to make dark chocolate ganache

1. Pour the cream in a saucepan and bring it to the boil on a low heat. The cream must boil for 2 minutes before remove it from heat. That way we’ll make sure all the bacteria is deactivated. Remove the cream from the heat and pour the chocolate in the saucepan.

2. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes and then emulsify it with a blender until it has a uniform consistency.

3. If the cocoa percentage is higher (62%-75%), the ganache may break due to the excess of cocoa. In this case, the mixture proportion muy be 2.5/1, that is to say, 250gr of chocolate per 100gr of liquid cream.

Milk chocolate ganache or white chocolate ganache

If you want to make a milk chocolate ganache you must consider that it will never be as consistent as the dark chocolate ganache because of the low quantity of cocoa and the high quantity of cocoa butter and other ingredients. The chocolate proportion must be 3.5/1.


  • 350gr of milk chocolate or white chocolate drops
  • 100gr of liquid cream (35% fat)

Pour the liquid cream into a saucepan and bring it to the boil for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and put the chocolate drops in the saucepan. Let it rest for a few minutes and emulsify with a blender.

Recipe of dark chocolate ganache for filling

The result of this recipe is softer and smoother and it’s ideal for a cake filling. The procedure is the same as before, the only difference is the proportion.


  • 200gr of chopped chocolate or chocolate drops
  • 200gr of liquid cream (35% fat)

The singularity of this filling ganache is that you can whip it with a KitchenAid. For the whipping, it must rest for a few hours and then it must be kept in the fridge. Once it’s whipped, it looks like truffle.

Recipe for milk or white chocolate ganache for filling

The milk or white chocolate ganache for filling is similar to the dark chocolate ganache, we just have to change the proportions due to the quantity of cocoa butter.


  • 200gr of chopped milk or white chocolate (or chocolate drops)
  • 100gr of liquid cream (35% fat)

Doubts about the chocolate cream

How do I store the chocolate cream?

Once the chocolate cream is emulsified, put it in a glass or a plastic container (suitable for microwave cooking) and cover it with plastic wrap when it’s still hot (the wrap must touch the cream). If the wrap doesn’t touch the cream, the vapor that will come out of it when it cools down, will fall down on the cream, causing it to seize.

How do I fix a seized chocolate cream?

Every now and then, the ganache can break. It may have happened to you sometime. That can happen when the fat gets separated from the cocoa and the cream stops being silky and homogeneous. The cream usually breaks when it gets too hot.

A pair of tricks for when your cream breaks:

  • Emulsify it again. First, try to do it manually with a hand mixer. If you can’t make it like this, try with a regular blender.
  • Boil some cream in the microwave. Once it boils, pour the chocolate cream in it and stir until it reintegrates.

What kind of chocolate ganache is best in summer?

If you have to make a chocolate ganache in summer, I advice you to use dark chocolate. Dark chocolate ganache stands up hot temperatures. My recommendation is not to roll the dice by making a milk or white chocolate ganache.

Which recipe do you use for a perfect chocolate ganache?

I hope you find this tutorial useful and that you can get perfect cakes from now on. I will be glad to hear how it went. If you have any doubts, you can leave a comment below and I’ll be answering as soon as possible.

Marc Suárez

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