Frosting recipe for cupcakes: basic, Oreo, Chips Ahoy and Kinder Bueno

Learn how to make frosting for cupcakes and surprise your guests and clients. Special recipe for a delicious frosting.

Let’s talk about a cake decorating classic: cupcakes. Although fondant cakes, chocolate sculptures and cake decorating training are my specialties, I sometimes make cupcakes for special occasions, like fairs and events. I hardly ever make them, but the truth is many people here in my town know me for them. They even stop me on the street and make an order. I always say no, but you never know! Maybe someday I will open a bakery here. Do you like the idea?

How to make frosting for cupcakes

I finally found a spongy, sweet, soft and light frosting recipe. The result is a frosting that melts in your mouth and merges perfectly with fruit, nuts, marmalade and cookies. Lots of people ask me what’s my secret. I always say that everybody can do it. So I’d like to share the recipe I always use, regardless the type of cupcake. If you’re looking for a cupcake recipe, check this post and this video tutorial.

Picture by Respira Disseny

Frosting recipe

In order to make a good frosting for your cupcakes, you’ll need:

  • KitchenAid with a balloon whisk. The K beater doesn’t work! You’ll only get a spongy mix if you use the balloon whisk.
  • Good quality butter, icing sugar and a good cream cheese.
  • Baked cupcakes. I recommend this chocolate cupcakes video tutorial
  • Dressings to decorate your cupcakes: marmalades, fruit, chocolate and cookies. I never add flavoured pastes, smells or colorants. In my opinion, is essential to run away from artificiality.
  • Piping bags and a 10mm round piping tip or an open star piping tip.

Ingredients and correct amounts for a basic frosting (16 cupcakes)

  • 250gr of high quality butter (you can find high quality butter in supermarkets like Aldi or Lidl at a good price).
  • 250gr of icing sugar (I always use one from a professional bakery provider, but the icing sugar by La Azucarera can be a good substitute.
  • 250gr of cream cheese (Philadelphia or Ken).

Step-by-step recipe

1. The butter must be creamy. Let it settle overnight at room temperature for an optimal result. Beat it with KitchenAid (using the balloon whisk) for 7 minutes at maximum power, until the cream becomes really spongy and white.

2. Sieve the icing sugar with the KitchenAid and pour it into the butter bowl. Beat it at minimum speed until it integrates and then raise the speed to the maximum. Beat for 5 more minutes.

3. Add the cream cheese, which should be really cold from the fridge. Beat with the KitchenAid at medium speed until it’s integrated. Be careful not to beat the cheese excessively. If you beat it too much, the frosting won’t have enough consistency.

4. As you can see, it’s easy to do and the trick lies in the power with which you beat the cream. With less power, it be more liquid and less creamy.

5. I use this frosting in my red velvet, tiramisu, carrot and cheesecake cupcakes. Hereunder, I will explain how to vary this frosting for basic cupcakes in order to adapt it to your preferred flavours.

Frosting for Oreo, Chips Ahoy or Kinder Bueno cupcakes

You must add the following extra ingredients to the basic cream:

  • 8 crushed Oreos
  • 8 crushed Chips Ahoy
  • 4 crushed Kinder Bueno bars

It’s important to crush the cookies properly. As for the Kinder Bueno bars, you should get a smooth and silky paste. Otherwise, the uncrushed pieces can block the piping tip.

Add the extra ingredient just after adding the icing sugar and make sure the mixture is uniform. Then, add the cream cheese. If you don’t do it in this order, you can run the risk of beating the frosting too much, blending it.

Frosting for banana cupcakes

Add 200gr of crushed ripe bananas to the mixture, once the cheese is integrated. You have to beat it with the KitchenAid slowly. Be careful not to add more than 200gr of bananas, because this fruit releases water and can cause the frosting to break or to lose consistency.

Frosting for toffee or dulce de leche cupcakes

In this case, you have to modify the recipe and vary the amount of sugar. We vary the sugar amount because the toffee is a very sweet ingredient. Replace the 250gr of icing sugar for 100gr of sugar and 150gr of toffee or dulce de leche. I recommend the dulce the leche by Chimbote.

The process is exactly the same. First, beat the butter, then add the icing sugar and beat again for 5 minutes. Next, add the dulce de leche and beat until it integrates. Finally, add the cream cheese.

How do I store the frosting?

As the frosting is made with cream cheese, it’s essential to keep it at a stable temperature and preferably at 4ºC. I should say, though, that the best temperature to eat the frosting is between 15ºC and 23ºC. So, before eating your cupcakes, you must get them out of the fridge for them to temper. They will be creamier and juicier. You can remind this to your clients.

And you, how do you make frosting for cupcakes?

Do you know how many cupcakes can you make with my basic frosting recipe? Up to 9 different types! I hope you liked this post. If you dare to make this recipe, I’d like you to tell me how it went. I’m eager to see your cupcakes. If you have any doubts, just leave a comment below and I’ll answer as soon as possible. You can also share some advice about your preferred frosting recipe.


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