How To Make Rice Krispies Treats. Homemade RKT Recipe

Here’s the perfect recipe for Rice Krispies Treats.

As you may already know, RKT is a very useful tool to make otherwise impossible sculpted cakes. RKT is known to be a rice and marshmallow mass that sticks like hell.

Rice Krispies Treats: pros

RKT is a real lifesaver for creative pastry. Thanks to it, you can create incredible figures. This amazing mass provides significant benefits and I’m sure you will discover a lot more when you try it:

  1. It cools and hardens somewhat quickly.
  2. It is not expensive.
  3. You need little equipment.
  4. It’s an easy recipe.
  5. It allows you to make light, irregular shapes and much more.

How to make homemade RKT

You can watch this video below for a homemade RKT recipe. You will also find all the steps on this post in case you need further detailed information.

Step-by-step RKT recipe

You just need 4 main ingredients to make it:

  • 25gr butter
  • 450gr marshmallow
  • 500gr Rice Krispy cereal
  • Release agent spray

Which brand of rice and marshmallows can I use?

I’ve tried different brands of rice and marshmallows and after a lot of testing, I’ve concluded that a specific brand is not relevant for making a perfect RKT recipe. To elaborate modeling chocolate, for example, the brand it’s, in fact, important, but not in today’s recipe. When you choose your brand for rice and marshmallows, I recommend using:

  1. High porosity, short grained rice.
  2. Compact, firm marshmallows, not very spongy.

A really fine rice will allow the mass to be lighter and less grainy. Melted marshmallows must be quite rigid, that’s why they don’t have to be spongy.

What do I need to make the recipe?

How to elaborate RKT

  1. Put the butter in the bowl and melt it in the microwave.
  2. Spread the butter all over the bowl, pour the marshmallows in it and microwave them for 2 minutes. After that, grease a silicone spatula and stir until you get a spongy, homogeneous mass. If you want the RKT to have a toasted flavour, melt the butter in a frying pan and add the marshmallows in the same pan (as a microwave substitute).
  3. Pour 2/3 of the rice into the bowl and integrate with a well greased spatula to prevent sticking. Once integrated, pour the rest of the rice and repeat the process.
  4. When you’re not able to remove it with the spatula anymore, grease a smooth surface and put the mix on it. Grease your own hands and knead until the mass becomes a solid block.
  5. Wrap it with plastic and let it rest for a few hours. In summer, it’s better to put it in the fridge.

Common mistakes

It’s almost impossible to make any mistakes whilst elaborating this recipe, as it is really easy. After having elaborated a giant amount of RKT in my studio or with my students, I noted that the biggest problem you may have is the mass sticking everywhere. If this happens to you, the best solution is to properly grease whatever the mass will be in contact with. If you see that the mass is really sticky, you better wash your hands as well as  the working surface, and regrease.

Recipes with RKT

 Once your RKT is ready, you can start creating your RKT  and modeling chocolate figure. In this tutorial I teach you how to model a woman with fondant and modeling chocolate.
I hope you liked this unfailing RKT and marshmallow recipe and that you find it useful for elaborating your designs. Me, I find it very practical and I always use it. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. By the way, what have you used RKT for lately?
Marc Suárez

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